Build a resume that makes a great first impression, gets the attention of hiring managers and lands interviews.

Job interviewing is a skill that we can help you master in a few short hours. This will guide you in answering questions with poise, confidence, and a cool calm that makes you look twice as good and lands YOU that job.

Congratulations! you've received a call or an email from the hiring manager and made an appointment for your job interview.

Now what? Do you know that your qualifications and skills are only a part of what the hiring manager is looking for? Curious?

This course will discuss nonverbal messages you send and receive, salary and contract negotiations plus more tips to help you ace that job interview!

When you start a new job, you don't always get the training and step-by-step manual you might hope for. So, how can you survive, and more importantly, succeed at your job? 

This course tackles 3 categories:  "Your first 90 days at work", " Rock your first year" and "Maintaining Work Excellence". 

**and remember, to earn credit/certificate for this course, you must take and pass the quiz. Good Luck! 

Are you ready to start looking for your next great job?

Looking for a new job can be an overwhelming task that will sometimes feel like a full time job.  In this course we will help you prepare for your job search, discuss how social media plays a role in your job search, as well as, where to search for job postings.  Networking is an important part of the job search and we have tips to help you prepare and information on where to network to help you make those valuable professional connections.

Did you know more and more companies are using Skype for their first interview? Look your best when interviewed by video over the internet. Learn how to make it work for you.

by NTD training